Petra Miessmer

with courage, openess & honesty

“sometimes you have to say out loud what people don’t want to hear”

municipal elections 2021

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An independent thinker and defender of openess and justice


I`m a 39-year old mom of two sons, a nearby nature activist and a deputy municipal coucilor from Vapaala.
I spent my childhood in the coutryside of Sipoo and my youth in Helsinki in a restaurant-entrepreneur family. I love to spend my free time hiking and enjoying our beautiful nature; Finnish archipelago and pine forests are my soul landscapes. I enjoy cooking, organizing things and communal activities. My father is German, my husband half Finnish-Swedish and half Palestinian, so multiculturalism is a natural part of our life.

I inherited a strong desire for defending fairness and transparency from my mother. I cannot look the other way and stay silent when something clearly against my sense of justice happens, whether it´s in politics, work, or human relations.

There is a lot of work to be done in Vantaa administration to develop transparency and a culture that genuinely pays attention to the interests of the residents. As a municipal politician, I refuse to except unnecessary censorship or silencing. There is a place for closed negotiations and there is a place for transparency. Too much is still negotiated behind the curtains and our residents have no clue about who or which party agreed on which matter


I´m a Bachelor of Hospitality and tourism Management and currently work as a Manager in Hostel Suomenlinna and the association for outdoor education in Finland -that runs the Hostel.  I have worked all my adult life in the service industry – and therefor being the voice of it is important for me in politics. I have cleaned, washed dishes, worked in a warehouse, as a hairdresser and as a receptionist – I have experience from working class to leadership positions.

Since I´m an organizer, I appreciate the spirit of doing and not just talking. Whether it´s in politics or working life, action is needed.


  • Sustainable development > A clean environment and diverse nature, as well as the justice experienced by people, are a requirement for a good future.
  • Community and inclusion > Man is not an island. Being seen, heard and a part of something are the foundations of well-being.
  • Openness > Concealment and censorship create an atmosphere of suspicion and bitterness. Real development only happens in genuinely transparent environment.
  • Education and equality > A strong primary school lays the foundation for genuine equality and civilization. General civilization is more than just knowledge from books; it shows in manners and curiosity, respecting others, understanding the world around us, and accepting realities


Caring about common issues, following politics, and influencing became relevant for me already in my childhood home. I had long considered getting into politics and with an amazing amount of your votes in 2017 municipal elections (THANK YOU!) I became a vice-councilor as a member of the green council group in Vantaa.

Respectfull dialogue is needed back

I believe that by caring, influencing and working together, we can make the world a better place.

Things must be said out loud and bubbles sometimes must be burst. We should strive for a dialogue that respects others rather than confrontation. In these times of rising extremism, one should hear others without judging different views right from the start. We cannot win anything by highlighting our own excellence, but we can win a lot by talking equally and in consultation with each other. It must be possible for us to talk about things without fear of stigmatization. By no means does it mean bad behavior – things can be expressed in a civilized way. It is important that we deal with things even when the topic is difficult.

Sustainability should be the basis of everything

The current kind of capitalism that maximizes profits for a small, privileged group of people has become unsustainable as a system. It`s era I slowly coming to its end.

Sustainable development requires a recourse-based economy. We need to understand that we cannot act in isolation from our environment, and we need to change the metrics that measure the success of our societies. Our economy must operate on the terms of our global wealth. I believe that Finland can be a pioneer in the export of new types of sustainable products and services and in the development of solutions to the environmental and climate crisis.

The Nordic welfare state is an investment

I strongly believe in the Nordic welfare society. We must protect our democracy, equality and equal opportunities in life and take care of those who cannot do it by themselves.

While the freedom of a market economy is important to me as an entrepreneurial person, there are functions in societies that shouldn`t be traded. These include, for example, education and health care. Education is the most important factor in equality of opportunity. We can’t choose our families or the toolbox they provide in life, but society can provide those tools that the our home hasn’t been able to provide. Investing in the well-being of children, young people and families should always be seen as an investment in the future.


  • Member of the Green Council Group of Vantaa / Deputy councilor (2017-2021)
  • Member of Board of West Vantaa Greens (Chairman 2020)
  • Vantaan tilapalvelut Vantti Oy -Member of Board (2017-2021)
  • Deputy member of the City Planning Board of Vantaa
  • Member of Board of Uusimaa District Greens (2018-2022)

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